Life Orientation Learner’s Book Grade 9

Grade 9
Available in:
Dr. L.M. Mulder and M.Cruickshank
1st Edition
Publication Date: 
18th December 2011
CAPS Compliant

1.      Umfundi Life Orientation series aims to create an explorative, appealing and challenging approach. Our goal is to encourage learners to become self-disciplined, assertive, responsible, accountable and knowledgeable on the intellectual, emotive, social and community levels.

2.      Engaging activities: encouraging different types of thinking (lateral, literal, critical, creative, etc.), understandings, accommodation and insights from diverse perspectives. Engagement in various forms of physical activities.

3.      Encourages individual, pair and group work. Interactive work encouraged through debates and role play.

Feel free to download the attachment for an overview of the book contents.

  • Each topic addressed has different activities to ensure a deeper understanding of the material.
  • Various forms of formal assessments for the educator to choose from have been provided.
  • Varieties of Physical Education activities are included with accompanying assessments.

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